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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and 7-year-old. to think of either of them being harmed by this man makes me sick. >> reporter: the protesters staged in front of the circuit courthouse in rockville and demanded judge eric johnson take another look at the case of jason lange, the germantown man repeatedly forced a 4-year- old daughter of a friend to perform sex acts. he was sentenced to 30 years. earlier this month, judge johnson cut the sentence to just 16 years making him eligible for parole soon. it's like time's up. for the girl, time's ever up. she'll have that with her all of her life. >> reporter: the lawyer says he's been repeatedly attacked in prison for abusing a child and the only way for him to get treatment is to reduce his sentence. >> he is going to come out some
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day unless he's murdered. getting him help and treatment so he doesn't repeat the offense ought to be more of an emphasis. >> reporter: just two years ago, judge johnson reduced the sentence from 18 years to 18 months. maryland may be the only state in the country that gives judges virtually unlimited power to reduce convict sentences. supporters say sentence reconsideration gives criminals an incentive to rehabilitate themselves. opponents say it means victims have to live in fear that a judge will suddenly decide to free the person who attacked them. lesli? >> reporter: bruce, did the judge know this would be incredibly controversial? >> reporter: he declined through an aide to talk to us today. it seems clear that he knew public opinion was against him. i have a daughter, i'd be mad too, he said, but we're in a court of law not the roaring west where judges did what the
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crowd wanted, just thank them. that's what he said. >> thank you for that. now to breaking news out of new york. a so you mali pirate suspect pleaded guilty today on charges that he hijacked the maersk alabama and kidnapped its captain. the case could be the first of several piracy prosecutions in u.s. courts. the suspect in the botched car bombing in times square is in a federal court right now in manhattan. it is the first court appearance. faisal shahzad is facing five felony charges related to the may 1st attempt. shahzad is being held at an undisclosed location. we've got a warning for you now. a violent video we'll show you. you may want your younger or more sensitive kids out of the room. this is a vicious caught on tape beating that police described as a pack robbery. tonight, why police wanted the public to see those vicious images.
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>> reporter: it's because they are hoping to get more suspects from the case. it's shocking because the motive for the attack, at least one according to police may be a twisted version of fun. this happened here at the aspen hill apartments at georgia ave., may 5th. police believe they have in custody three of the five attackers in the tape after responding to a similar beating in aspen hill on may 15th. >> in these pack-style robberies that occur on the street it's quite often a small amount of cash, personal electronics, and sometimes articles of clothing appears to be it. some of the motivation appears to be sport. >> reporter: 18-year-old kirkland hall, jr. is one of three teenaged suspects have been one of those charged as an adult. there are still more out there and investigators hope this tape will lead to them. the 32-year-old victim is still
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recovering with broken ribs. this happened back on may 5th. we're told he's been terrorized by this. he is a reluctant witness. many of the hispanic residents fear they are being targeted in attacks like this because of the language barrier. reporting live in aspen hill. 9news now. a 21-year-old glen burnie man faces charges on first- degree murder and first tee agree attempted murder. a grand jury indicted tyrone hall. hall shot two frostburg state basketball players killing one of them last month. hall claims he shot in self- defense. corporal nicholas rodriguez of staff fordford, virginia was killed. we know the corporal was 29 years old. to kabul, afghanistan now.
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a terrorist struck during the morning rush in a ran packed with 1600 pounds of explosives. he pulled up next to an american convoy and triggered a massive blass blast. >> i heard that the taliban claimed responsibility for it. i think the probability is high that the taliban is behind this. >> the impact is so powerful it destroyed eight vehicles including a public bus. many were college students on their way to classes. new at 6:00, congressional investigators say some of the same intelligence failure as loued a man to slip on board a u.s.-bound jet liner with a bomb last christmas. a senate intelligence committee released a 16-page summary of the investigation saying some of the same systemic problems remain in place after the world trade center and pentagon attacks. the white house disagreed and
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said any failure may have come in the interpretation of the failure receivedp. b.p. reduced the amount of oil being released. b.p.'s c.o.o. said the company hopes the method can draw half of the leaking oil. meanwhile, the coast guard is analyzing 20 tar balls found near key west, florida. there was concern that oil came from the spill. the coast guard says the crude still has not reached the current that could carry the slick to florida. >> we know that the oil has not entered the loop current at this time. there might be leading edge sheen that's getting closer to the loop current. >> now, an advertisemented 5.5 million -- an estimated 5.5 million gallons have leaked into the gulf. nissan is planning to recall thousands of trucks and
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suvs for suspension problems that could cause a rough ride. the recall will cover some but not all 2010 our nadas, frontiers, titan, ex tear razz and infinity -- xterras and infinities. no accidents have been reported from the problem. let's check on the evening rush. patranya, any accidents out there? >> 495 eastbound river road is backed up towards d.c. you can see crews still blocking the right lane. it seems like traffic is moving better and we're watching this accident for you. right now no good way to get around so we'll update you on and when the roads will be fully opened on this route. let's move on to another inbound traffic coming into d.c. right now no problem across the key bridge. lesli, back to you. all right. a man fakes a carjacking to keep his bosses in the dark. we'll tell you more. and sabotage. police are looking for the people who put the screws or
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better yet the tacks on a local bike race. and topper? >> grab a jacket if you are headed out tonight. we'll take tout numbers that you can access on our web site. 52 and 53 goes in the books. averages are 77 and 57. we'll come back to talk about when the sun will reappear after this.
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the remember the monday what called himself clark rockefeller? now he's asking for his sentence to be reduced. last year, christian carl gerhartsreiter was sentenced to prison for kidnapping his daughter. his lawyer says massachusetts sentencing guidelines call for probation to two years for parental kidnapping cases. tonight, a new chapter in the salahi case.
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the department of agriculture is investigating the virginia couple. a spokesman would not offer details. the investigation involves a federal grant of $100,000 awarded to the salahis in 2006. with that money, they were supposed to conduct a study on virginia wineries and tourism. now to a who done it in st. maries county. someone tab tahjed a bike race -- sabotaged a bike race by tossing tacks onto the course. many took a spill and one suffered a broken collarbone. the sheriff's office is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a man is charged with faking a carjacking. police say jerry roberts claimed he had been car jacked from a gas station in white plains. several patrol officers were dispatched to help canvas the area. roberts later admitted he lied because he ran out of gas while using the company car. next, new details on a new police lead in the mansion
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murder investigation in centreville, virginia. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ beeping ]
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. we continue to follow the mansion murders in center field, virginia. the victim was accused of killing 39-year-old jose cardona. peggy fox, what are police saying today? >> reporter: they are hoping someone may have seen what they think might have been the get away vehicle. it was seen in this area about ten minutes after the shooting. now, here's a picture of a white late model toyota pickup. police say it resembles the one seen on bay valley lane and compton road at about 10:50 a.m. monday. police use a search dog and helicopter to try to track down the suspects, but the trail went cold. police say the suspects were trying to rob the mansion when they were confronted by the four family members and 39-year- old jose cardona who worked as
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the family handyman. he was shot and killed and the suspects fled. >> there was a person seen getting into it and crouching down underneath a tarp. they pulled the tarp over them. certainly that looked unusual. >> reporter: the suspects are described as two black males in their 20s who are both about 5' 10''. one is light skinned with the beard and sauce stash. the other has darker -- moustache. the other is darker skinned with a goatee. reporting live in centreville, peggy fox, 9news now. >> thank you. now to a test that no one at kennedy high school wants to take. a group of students and staff there will have to be checked after a student was diagnosed with tuberculosis. letters were sent out to those who had close contact with the student. county health officials want to stop a potential spread on campus even though the risk is
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low. some students who knew about the case say their parents are concerned. >> my mom is really upset. most of the parents are upset that they haven't gotten letters yet. >> we wanted to focus in on the people that were very close to this student, shared breathing space with the student. mostly it's family members that become infected, not people that you go to school with or people that you work with because your family is who you are with most of the time. >> reporter: the school is required to notify people who may have had close contact with the infected students before making a formal announcement. tests should begin on june 2nd. another consumer alert. important information you need to know about the food in your pantry. a newly released report by a coalition of environmental groups shows the lining in cans contain higher than allowed levels of bpa. earlier today, senator dianne feinstein proposed legislation that would ban bpa in cans.
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>> we've introduced a bill essentially that would ban bpa, but particularly move aggressively right now in baby cups, in baby bottles, sippy cups, infant formula, infant food. then in conjunction with the fda study, phase out bpa on canned goods. >> five states and a number of city as cross the country have already banned the chemical. 92% of americans have higher levels of the chemical, which evidence shows may be linked to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes and learning disabilities. good news for vice president biden's family tonight. doctors discharged his son beau biden from the hospital. he suffered a mild stroke. he's now at home resting. no word on when he'll return to work as delaware's attorney general. my friend, i'm eyeing the days a little later in the week where it's going to be a little
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warmer, a little drier, a little brighter. >> that's what i focus on. thursday and friday. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we'll go in the right direction, tomorrow. temperatures 15 below average. we're getting close to average by the week's end. the next three days, temps go up a bit. still a slight chance of a shower but highs at least near 70 and finally average temps on thursday in the mid-70s with sunshine. then friday, spectacular. mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 80s. for tonight, mostly cloudy and cool, also drizzle is possible. low temperatures 48 to 54. winds northeasterly at about 10. let me show you our wide doppler. around town's quiet. nothing in the immediate metro area. we look off to the west. we do see showers now. some of these are heavy in interprets of thunderstorms in elkins and other parts of southern sections of west
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virginia. the deal is they will weaken as they move eastward. these are the showers that will cross i-81 and weaken as they move eastward. still that's why we're keeping the chance of an isolated shower tonight. let's go back to the computer. we'll talk temps. it's chilly. 57 downtown. 55 in annapolis. 59 in culpepper. we have to go down to fredericksburg to find the 60 degree reading. that's not toasty. 56 out in winchester. and also across the bay still temperatures are cool in the 50s. now, lows tonight thank think won't drop that far. we'll see upper 40s in gaithersburg, 50 in bowie. and some 40s out to the west. lees maybe 48. manassas around the 50 degree mark. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and cool, 50s and 60s. i think it will be a dry commute for the most part. there might be a shower between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.
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good air quality, temps in the 50s and 60s. by afternoon, becoming partly cloudy. winds start to turn a little bit west-northwest at 10. that is a drier wind. here's a look at the 9 futurecast. we take you through 10:00 tonight with showers off to the west. notice all those showers in west virginia die out as they move eastward thankfully. we get into the 9:00 a.m. hour. showers in culpepper, winchester, showers are hanging tough through the morning on wednesday. then brakes in the afternoon finally. with the brakes come a few more showers out to the south and to the west of it. satellite picture and radar combined, we'll zoom into the southern plains. probably see tornadod by tomorrow. we'll keep you posted. these will die out and peel off to the north of it just a lot of clouds tonight and cool for mayp the next seven days, 69
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tomorrow, 76 on thursday. beautiful on friday, low 80s. storms and showers possible over the weekend, moving in late on saturday so the first half of saturday will be fine. in and out on sunday but not a washout. nice on monday and near 80 once again with sunshine on tuesday. >> i like those numbers when they get warmer and drier. now, the wizards have the draft lottery and they are crossing their fingers that the number is right for them too. >> it's one of the benefits of being a team as stinky as they were. if it wasn't for bad luck in the draft lottery, the wizards would have no luck at all. why the hopes tonight that that will all change. plus,maryland headed to the big ten? details of what could be a seismic shift in the local sports theme right after this. 
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there are two words that illustrate how rotten the wizards' luck has been in the nba draft. kwame and brown. the name that ranks right up there with jamarcus russell among the all-time busts in sports history. that's just one chapter in the epic novel of failures in the wizards and drafts. the wizards with the fifth worst record in the league this past year will have roughly a 10% chance of getting the number one overall pick. in 12 of the last 13 lotteries when the ping-pong balls finally fell, the wizards selection either moved down or stayed the same. in other words, don't go to vegas with ernie grunfeld any time soon. here are the five lottery picks made lately. devon harris went to dallas. jeffries never panned out. kwame was a total bust. rick hamilton won rings and became a star but he did that in detroit. this is the guy they are crossing their fingers for,
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kentucky point guard john wahl. the freshman averaged 27 points a game for the wildcatses this past year. if you've ever been to college park for a maryland duke basketball game, you know it's one of the most super charged chaotic atmospheres in all of college sports. now imagine a world where that rivalry ceases to exist. you may not have to imagine it. the d.c. examiner reports the university of maryland is under consideration for an invite to join the big ten. the move could mean as much as $22 million a year fort maryland athletic department but would he eliminate the school's traditional a.c.c. rivals like duke, virginia, virginia tech and others. missouri, rutgers and pitt are also said to be under consideration. eight runs in the last four games. that's the explanation for how the gnats in 72 hours went from five games above 500 to one game above 500. the nats four-game slide is the longest of the year so far by
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twofold. how they dig out now will reveal something about their character. of course this guy would help. steven strasburg was set to make his third start in aaa tonight for the chiefs. that game within the last 15 minutes has been rained out in rochester. strasburg has allowed one hit total in his first two starts. strasburg's first round classmate maid his debut with the nationals last night. the number ten overall pick pitches two-thirds of an inning scoreless and electronic out one guy. the nats are willing to start the arbitration clock a year earlier because storeson is much cheaper than strasburg. john lannan will try to get his act together against chris carpenter who is 4-1. the u.s. authorities filed charges against canadian doctor anthony galle a. a for alegendly supplying illegal
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drugs to u.s. athletes. when he was originally arrested last september, he was allegedly en route to washington to treat a member of the redskins. that player was not named today but is said to be one of 23 mentioned in u.s. documents. the redskins have referred all questions in the matter to the league office. finally tonight this is from the yankees/red sox game last night. terry francona got into a bit of an argument at the umpire at the end of the seventh inning right when they sing god bless america. they got stunned, stopped arguing, took their hats off and stood at attention and then resumed arguing after the song was over which for me, patriotism for those guys trumps being a hot head. >> bless their hearts. >> i thought athat was a class move. i liked it. >> that was nice. that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00. cbs evening news is up next.